Black Friday handbook mockup EN

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intro 1. Introduction 3
stats 2. A few key Black Friday stats you ought to know 4
revisit 3. Revisit last year’s data 7
goals 4. Set your KPIs & goals 8
campaigns 5. Campaigns and Promotions 10
email 6. Email Marketing 17
social 7. Social Media 21
search 8. Shopping and Search ads 26
shop 9. Optimise your online shop 29
delivery 10. The practical stuff 35
summary 11. Summary 38

Black Friday 2018 will be bigger than ever, and it’s your time to crush it! Use this handbook to:

  • Understand trends and shopping behaviour.
  • Define your Black Friday goals and KPIs.
  • Get loads of inspiration for campaigns & promotions.
  • Learn from expert tips on email marketing, social media, and advertising.
  • Prepare of all the practical and operational processes to ensure success.
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